TIO-Girls' Studio

The Girls' Studio is a course providing second-chance education to young women who wish do an apprenticeship or get vocational training. This year's course will run from August 1st, 2016 until July 31st, 2017 and is currently enrolling.


TIO-Girls' Studio offers young women the opportunity to acquire certification, and to identify and pursue viable options within adult life. Participants get the chance to take charge of their own futures.

Our courses

Our twelve-month course prepares young women under the age of 25 to take the exams certifying that they have achieved the erweiterte Berufsbildungsreife (EBBR).


Our courses offer: 

  • Competence in the regular school subjects: German, Math, English, History and Social Studies, as well as Biology
  • Self-directed, media-supported learning in a small group
  • Renewed and improved self-confidence
  • Profiling and preparation for job interviews
  • Help finding an apprenticeship or vocational training program

Contact us

TIO e.V. - Girls' Studio

Reuterstraße 78 

12053 Berlin 
Tel.: 030 / 624 80 10

Email: tio-studio@hotmail.de


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The Girls' Studio is funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Arbeit, Integration und Frauen as well as by the European Union (European Social Fund).

Weiterbildungsberatung - Wir beraten in einfacher Sprache

Weiterbildungsberatungsflyer in einfacher Sprache
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Wir suchen ab sofort für:

-unsere Beratungsstelle eine  Sozialarbeiterin/Sozialpädagin in Teilzeit und eine Praktkantin.

-unser Projekt Perspektivwechsel eine Sozialpädagogin/pädagogische Mitarbeiterin




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